Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Nearly everyone owns some type of mobile phone.  These modern marvels are all but essential if we wish to keep up with the latest news and speak to our friends.  However, you do not necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg in order to enjoy superior levels of service.  There are a host of different contracts to choose from and each of these is associated with its own unique set of benefits.  Let's take a look at some of the most common on the market today.

Monthly Cotracts

These are by far the most common plans.  As the title hints, the customer will sign a contract in terms of what the company offers.  Most contracts will renew on an annual basis although there can be times when lengths of between 18 months and two years will offer slight discounts.  These contracts generally consist of a few discrete details:

  • The number of allotted minutes per month.
  • Data usage (in terms of gigabytes or terabytes).
  • The number of SMS messages that can be sent and received.

It is worthwhile making a point about monthly contracts.  While many claim to offer “unlimited” minutes, this is sometimes not the case.  Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions in order to learn more.

Pre-Paid SIM Cards

Pre-paid SIM cards are great options if you need to adhere to a somewhat limited budget.  In essence, you will pay for a certain amount of minutes and data usage. Once this limit has been reached, you will need to “top up” the card again.  These cards are also quite useful if you happen to be travelling abroad, as they can be used in conjunction with a cheaper phone;  eliminating any frustrations if it happens to go missing while abroad.

Pay-as-You Go Plans

Pay-as-you go mobile phone plans are still quite popular, as you will not be subject to any type of long-term contract.  You will be able to choose the amount of funds that you wish to deposit (usually in multiples of five pounds).  Once this credit runs out, you will need to pay more money in order to make calls and send messages.  Please note that you can still receive calls even if you have no remaining credit.  The only drawback with these plans is that they are normally associated with very high surcharges.  The amount of minutes you receive is dramatically reduced when compared to a standard contract.

Choosing the Best Option

Each of these plans is associated with some discrete benefits.  The main differences are how long they are valid for as well as the rates that you will be charged.  It is a good idea to employ third-party comparison websites in order to better understand what each provider has to offer.  The chances are high that you will be able to encounter an amenable deal that suits your budget as well as your communications needs.