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iBaseToy Toddler Musical Instruments Set 23Pcs 16Types Wooden Musical Toys Set Percussion Instruments Tambourine Xylophone for Kids Preschool Education Musical Toys for Boys Girls with Carrying Bag



This giant-sized collection of kid-sized musical instruments will be a terrific resource for fun, learning, or both at the same time. It consists mostly of percussion instruments such as tambourines, maracas, castanets, xylophones and various sorts of bells.
There are also wind instruments such as whistles, flutes, kazoos, etc. Most of these instruments are made of wood, and most of them are brightly colored. There is a total of 23 kids musical instruments in the set, with 16 different types. You also get a carry-bag to pack everything up in.

It's easy to imagine a range of uses for these musical instruments set: Everything from making as much raucous noise as possible just for the fun of it, to thoughtful instruction about how the various instruments and ones like them are used in the music kids hear in their daily lives.
Letting children play with these toy instruments could be the inspirational spark that begins a lifelong involvement with music.

But whether for education or fun or both, these toddler musical instruments are sure to give any kids you know a rocking good time. Order today!

This iBaseToy kids musical instruments are sold with a full money-back guarantee.If you're dissatisfied with the toddler musical instruments for any reason, contact us for a replacement or refund.




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